Deborah L.K Spencer-Chun, M.S.W.
President and Chief Executive Officer
McKay Schwenke, B.A.
Vice President
Malakai Maumalanga, M.S.W.
Director of Redirectional Services/ Master Redirectional Specialist
Lisa Tamashiro, B.S.W.
Director of Operations & Special Programs/ Fundraising Coordinator
Tevita Williams, B.A.
Asst, Dir. of Redirectional Services
Siutiti Takai, B.S.
Redirectional Specialist
Aaron Hare, M.A.
Grant Coordinator
Janiefer Dela Cruz, B.A.
Redirectional Specialist
Solomona "Daren" Levi, B.A.
Redirectional Specialist
Nicole Hori, B.A.
Executive Assistant
Cidney Abero
Fundraising Associate and
Redirectional Apprentice
Jonathan "Kanoa" Naeole-Casuga
Special Programs  Assistant
Miki Nakasone
Data Mgmt. Associate
Joyce Fonoti
Office Assistant
Junior "Eli" Faapouli
Student Apprentice
Dr. Sidney M. Rosen, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Founder and President Emeritus