School-Centered Groups

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School-Centered Groups

School-Centered Groups consist of referrals made by school staff members, or in some cases through other students.  There are two types of groups:


  1. Students who are individually referred and subsequently form a therapeutic group. 

  2. Natural friendship groups, may include groups of friends, or entire youth gangs. 


School groups meet during the day, once a week, during one class period using school facilities. Proper coordination with school faculty goes into implementing School-Centered Groups.  Group counseling sessions are provided to address truancy, academic achievement, and the social determinants of violence.  A number of different services have emerged as a result of AFY’s School-Centered Groups. These services are listed as followed:

  • Youth Leadership and Mentorship

  • Before and After-School Services

  • Truancy Reduction Services

  • Specialized Girl’s Group and Services

  • Customized Services for Micronesian Youth

  • Social Entrepreneurship Program