AFY's P.E.A.R.L. (Promoting Peace Empathy Acceptance Respect and Love) Convention formerly known as the Student Anti-Bullying and Violence Convention serves over 5,000 elementary and middle school students. The goal and objective of the convention is to raise awareness concerning the severity of bullying that takes place on many school campuses and communities in Hawaii according to school administrators and community leaders. Also included is cyber-bullying through the use of electronic devices and social media.  This convention helps students define the various degrees of bullying and how they can address these issues, and where to go to find resolution and closure for them. 

AFY is committed to promoting the anti-bullying and violence message to help all schools become bully and violence free. The covention also educates and informs students about the effects and consequences of bullying.  It engages and inspires students to reach out to their peers with respect, empathy & compassion, and love & acceptance.  

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PEARL Sponsors and Supporters

Ke'ehi Lagoon Memorial Organization
Jean McIntosh (BOD Secretary)
Ouida and Doc Hill Foundation
Da Braddahs, Kaleo Pilanca, and Pipi