AFY has devoted passion, energy, and resources to enhance school and community safety since  1986.  Promoting personal well-being and empowerment is the AFY way.   Redirectional Therapy (RT) is at the core of our program’s services and responsible for redirecting the lives of over 5,000 youth.  The way forward is to develop peaceful solutions to violence by stopping risk-taking behaviors, developing competencies, and strengthening commitment to educational success, personal accountability, and healthy community attachment.


The values of RT encircle our youth and include trust, patience, mutuality, and respect.  Our programs work at the heart of school achievement, peaceful neighborhoods and schools as well as triumph over violence.  We encourage youth to take charge of their lives and future.  Our programs provide healthy alternatives to gang membership, criminality, and school failure.


AFY’s programs include School-Centered Groups, Neighborhood Programs, and a Clinical Competence Based High School Diploma Program (C-BASE), which are briefly describe on the links on the right.