JunE 2015

Forty Under 40: Malakai "MO" Maumalanga

"How I start my day: By thinking about yesterday and using it as a tool to make today better for my clients. Everything in life is a process, and through this process I hope that I can help to facilitate change."

MARCH 2015

20 for the next 20: Deborah Spencer-Chun

“We don’t have a termination phase so our kids come back at any time,” she says. “It’s so exciting that we have the kind of relationship with our students that they always call us and want to visit and keep us updated. I’m really blessed to have this job. … I see this as a purpose in life for me.”


The Psychologically Healthy Workplace

"A special Po'okela Award was given in 2006 to Adult Friends for Youth, in recognition of workplace excellence and dedicated service to the youth of Hawaii. "