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Malakai "Mo" Maumalanga

Memorial Fund

As of April 01, 2021, donations may be made at any CPB branch. Checks can be made payable to: The Malakai “Mo” Maumalanga Memorial Fund. A list of CPB branches can be found here:


Donations will also be accepted on our website. Click on "Donate" tab. Please indicate on the form that your donation is for The Malakai “Mo” Maumalanga Memorial Fund. Donations are not tax deductible.


A former gang member, Maumalanga successfully transitioned from his destructive gang life to becoming a well-respected professional in the community. AFY worked with Maumalanga from an early age and continued to work with him through his youth and early adulthood. Maumalanga focused on his education and earned a Bachelor’s and Masters in Social Work. Through his work with AFY, Maumalanga dedicated his life to helping others and most recently served as their Director of Redirectional Services. Maumalanga is survived by his wife and three children ages 13, 3, and 2, and two foster children ages 18 and 17.


“Mo was an amazing young man that had so much respect for people,” said Deborah Spencer-Chun, President and CEO of Adult Friends for Youth. “He was charismatic and the person in the room everyone wanted to be with. He had a heart of gold and gave so much of himself to the young people AFY served. He wanted to always give back what he was given in life…a second chance. He will be dearly missed. We have been inundated with calls and texts because of all the lives he has touched. He was truly a peaceful warrior and a champion for our kids.”

Build a better community through small change. Gather any coins you can find – stuck in your pockets, buried in your purse, hiding in the nooks of your car – and place them in any container, a water bottle, a zip-loc bag, an empty can, etc. Any small change can lead to a big change. Then simply drop your change off at our AFY office at 3375 Koapaka Street B290 Honolulu, HI 96819 or call us for arrangements.

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AFY during Covid-19

 Toward a Gang Solution was the first book written by AFY and published back in 1996. This book looks at the adolescent gang as a low- income minority phenomenon consisting of members in an age range from middle school through early adulthood. It is presented in four sections. The first covers historic development of youth gangs; the second looks at gangs from group theory perspective; third presents the philosophy and practice principles of the Redirectional Method as a Method to help reduce youth violence among gang members; fourth illustrates the implementation of the Method through case examples. 


"Turning It Around", Redirectional Therapy (RT) is the second book written and published by AFY. The book explains the organization's signature Redirectional Therapy credited with helping violent and dangerous youth lead productive lives. The book also describes numerous case studies that supports AFY's successful work. An important segment in the book explains how AFY conducts successful mediations between gang rivals and how to solve their differences in a peaceful and non-violent way. The RT is proven to be a credible therapeutic intervention designed to rehabilitate a population that has been stigmatized  as hopeless.

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