C-Base is AFY’s Clinical/Competency Based Alternative Education Program for youth who were either expelled, or dropped out of high school but chose to enroll to obtain a diploma.  The program is unique in that the clinical aspect (Redirectional Therapy) enables staff to work with the students on their personal issues (for example, violence, substance abuse, anger and relationships) that often are barriers to their academic progress in a normal school setting.   The program is conducted under the administrative structure of the Waipahu Community School for Adults. 


There are two concurrent components to the program.  First, students are required to complete five books (curriculum sections) and testing in the classroom:  Community Resources, Consumer Economics, Occupational Knowledge, Government & Law, and Health.  Classes meet 3 times a week with additional classes if the need exists.  Secondly, component, students must complete 100 hours for three consecutive months of either community service or a job.  Diplomas are earned upon completion of both components.